KMBC News Story…Do you think this is the whole story?

Posted: October 19, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized

Al Fong Abruptly Closes Blue Springs Gym

  1. GAGEemployee says:

    This is the whole story. If it wasn’t don’t you think the landlord would have said something to the camera?? And if you are a landlord, shouldn’t you have kicked your tenant out a long time ago if they weren’t paying the bills??

  2. Heather says:

    Not the whole story! Al needed help keeping the gym running so he gets a friend to help him pay to keep the gym up and running, then he teaches all these kids about comment and everything and he cant even commit to running business the correct way and paying people back and not screwing people over!

  3. kharma says:

    That is the story! this business manager and accountant really left Al with no options, i am sure he knew the dire situation and yet made promises and deals with a friend(who he has now burned a bridge with) he really couldnt keep because those in charge of his $$ had other personal agendas, business trip or programs always looking for GAGE to do something new and they would convince him -or he would inquire about- unnessecary investments in NEW exciting programs(this is where a GOOD manager says we have no extra $ for that now), that would be a “small investment with big return” because it would draw attentiion, and inquiry into, the facility in hopes to enroll in multiple programs, problem is all the employees got spread so thin that the quality diminished and GAGE was NO LONGER GYMNASTICS>>>it was trying so hard to be everything else it forgot what the vehicle to their success was. this is unfortunate but as many times as there were last min changes in coaches, schedules, fee’s and information this was only a matter of time before kharma came around three fold. there are many he has done well by and many he as not -just like the rest of us, question remains is his time up or will he continue to find a way to produce that next olympian.
    As for the gymnasts life is not over…excellence is never in the shadows of gymnastics. We all have been at a meet and see that stellar kid from a small gym… the recruiters see them too. the season is underway and if i was the parent of one of these girls i would think about MY CHILD not about a coach.

    • Another One says:

      I have always wondered why it is that these world class coaches at GAGE would totally ignore all but the best of the best. I’ve never seen either Al or his wife offer advise or work with younger girls or other coaches that are just beginning. They have so much experience to offer but refuse to work with anyone they don’t think is Olympic material. I believe they thought after having two silver medalists that it would bring a flood of gymnists from all over the country to GAGE. Thier thinking was flawed. Once they realised their mistake, they tried opening the gym to other avenues of income… but too late.

      • Rainydydayfun says:

        That’s completely untrue.

      • anonymos says:

        Untrue! Al speaks at many different coaching seminars, they also sell training material that you can purchase online. Al and armine coach all levels of girls on the Dragon team. True they spend more time with the optional girls, as do many other elite level gyms.

  4. GAGEemployee says:

    I am not brainwashed. You are now pointing fingers and that really ticks me off. I’m not brainwashed, I’m just a loyal employee. You could ask anyone work works with me, or anyone who is a customer. Everyone knows the story.
    I think you are just someone who has nothing better to do than to point fingers and to make accusations of a gymnastics factory. We are now closing, we are relocating. End of story. We have not committed any crimes, and not stolen anything from anyone. I would really appreciate it if you would refrain from the name calling.

    • Upset Mommy says:

      Im afraid you did steal equipment from a building which was used for collateral. Let me put that in simple terms GAGEemployee…when you have a UCC Filing with the State of Missouri that means that the equipment is securing the building loan so if no one is making the building loan payments and sorry 75% is not the full payment then the bank has the right to come in and sell the equipment to pay back the loan. But if the bank was to go to GAGE there would be no equipment in there, therefor the bank considers that stealing….NOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE. You act like people in the community are dumb well sorry to put it you, there are many of us out there that know exactly what is going on and one of these days it might just sink into your little brainwashed head

      • GAGEemployee says:

        Yes, it does make sense. But we didn’t take every thing. There is still collateral.
        I would appreciate it if you didn’t talk to me like I’m 2, also.

      • Gym Rats Mom says:

        Upset Mommy – Persuasion through insult is seldom an effective method.

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