GAGE Center has announced it is “Relocating”

Posted: October 19, 2010 by thetruthaboutgage in Uncategorized

Please feel free to comment about what you think about this.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a test

  2. thetrooth says:

    If this is the whole story, why didn’t they have a new location before closing?

    • Troothbetold says:

      Wow! I can’t get over the news story I saw last night and wanted more information. The truth. You can tell there is a lot of the story missing in the media. If the guy can’t pay 75% of his monthly rent, he’s obviously trying to flee from the landlord! I’m guessing he doesn’t have a new location because he can’t afford one. I thought gymnastics were expensive. You would think he would have the money….

      • Monica says:

        Lease’s are very complicated, as it is part of my profession. There are so many additional terms that can not be judged without viewing the entire lease. There are such things as CAM charges that might be met by the landlord or repairs that were not taken care by the landlord and reduced rent was paid with receipts. I find it hard to believe someone has not paid their rent in full without an agreement for over 3 years and it is just now brought up. Would you let someone occupy your property for 3 years without paying rent in full?

      • thetrooth says:

        I guess that is a nice landlord. Willing to work with a business as they go through a financial hardship.

    • EX-GAGE Parent says:

      Exactly what I think. Kids and parents are left without a gym. If he really cared, he would have done this in a planned out manner. Loading equipment in U-Hauls without a new building lined out sounds fishy to me.

      Do what we did…leave GAGE and move on. There are gyms out there who care about you and your kids.

    • Upset Mommy says:

      Because he didnt think it would be a media circus. He thought he could close his doors and no one would say a damn thing.

  3. frustrated says:

    Not sure of the details, the whole things sounds fishy. As an employee going to work and reading the sign on the door….I don’t know what to believe. Why wouldn’t he give everyone a heads up??

    • Anonymous says:

      no heads up ->because he didn’t/doesn’t have a plan?
      no heads up ->because you may have questioned him?
      no heads up ->because his customers would not have continued to pay him?
      no heads up ->because his customers may have started to look on the internet for info about Al Fong, Fong Enterprises, GAGE, Gage Center, Discovery Zone

      History has a way of repeating itself.

      There are many many successful businessmen/women who have been in business for years and years and years who have never had more than a few small complaints in years. Then there are those who have controversy surrounding them at all times. I prefer to stick with winners.

  4. GAGEemployee says:

    I actually work at GAGE and this whole website is disgusting. You haven’t seen the girls that have cried over this, obviously. This was a home to all of us and we were forced to leave over unfair rent and treatment. Look at all the other gyms that this landlord owns…aren’t they all for sale too? I just can’t believe that someone would go and make this kind of website for a children’s facility. It’s absolutely ridiculous. We are trying the best we can to make up for what has happened. We have call hundreds of customers personally and talked them through what has happened. We have also talked to them via facebook and email. We might not have a location, per say, but we are still the same gym. We still have the same values and we are going to stay strong although things like this try to beat us down even more than we already have.

    • Who's at fault says:

      Sounds like you have half the story… Your bosses. From the news story on KMBC they pointed out that Al left without notice. Does not sound like someone who was trying to work out his predetermined rent structure. It is understandable that the kids are upset, but maybe this is a lesson to be learned about financial responsibility. I have a feeling that this is that first of many things that Al will be dealing with.

      On a side note. Buildings are easier to sell when they have a tenant, so your logic is flawed.

  5. Gym Rats Mom says:

    I’m amused by the fact that someone would spend the energy to launch this blog. It make me wonder what your agenda is and what you hope to gain.

  6. Jason says:

    I hope the formerly GAGE business find an excellent location many of the employees are good, hardworking people who love their jobs and enjoy working with children especially. The employees I know are great people and I am sure with some work they can overcome this challenege and their gymnastics gym can re-establish itself in a new location and meet with great success!

  7. Karma says:

    No One is saying the employees aren’t great. Are you people blind?? There are awesome individuals there as well as amazing gymnasts but Al screwed you…..plain and simple. Just like anonymous said…..he was never going to say anything. Proibably would have just walked away if he could. It is legally unsafe for him to stay here and really there isn’t anything left for him to do. Because of his no compete clause he can not even coach his girls. He has done this for years…..always telling people what they want to hear but never delivering.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Al,
      Please post a photocopy of the documents that were referred to in this news cast for all of us to see. We can make better decisions with FACTS rather than lip service.

  8. GAGEemployee says:

    My logic isn’t flawed. and they haven’t screwed anyone. We are working everything out, and anything they is lost due to this is being given back. I assure you. I work there and I love it, and we are going to over come it!

    • questioner says:

      @GAGEemployee – I really truly want to believe you…but actions always speak louder than words…

      • seriously says:

        You may be a wonderful coach and a terrific person, but you can’t promise that what Al says is what will be. You only know what he is telling you. You don’t just manufacture a building that will fit your needs that quickly. If he couldn’t pay before, he still can’t. You have to have financial backing to accomplish what you want to do. Nobody in their right mind would do that at this point. See what he already did to the last friend that bailed him out. I am certain that he TRULY believes he can make this happen, but in the meantime innocent children, parents and staff members are being used! There are other programs that you can thrive in and be just as important to those kids.

      • GAGEemployee says:

        Well, are you a member of GAGE? I can help you right now figure whatever you are worried about out.

  9. one who cares says:

    There are two sides to every story. Nobody knows who is telling the truth and who is lying. We can only pray that the truth will be found out. Because the truth will set everyone free.

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