Done Coaching?

Posted: October 20, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized

“I will not be coaching or teaching, because of a no-compete clause, but I will be advising and I want to assure you that I will keep my great staff intact,” he explained.

  1. xgage parent says:

    The article says: “I will not be coaching or teaching, because of a no-compete clause, but I will be advising and I want to assure you that I will keep my great staff intact,” he explained.

    So will that give him more time to do business deals? There are not enough coaches to coach the team safely now. If there are meets or camp, that means even less coaches on site. The coaches can not get sick or take any personal time off. This is not a good atmosphere for the kids or the coaches.

    As far as the quoted statement goes; I cannot see that happening at all because that will mean hiring another coach.

  2. taxidriver says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Everyone always tries to bring the BEST down! No wonder someone made this website!

    • TBG says:

      No one brought them down!!!! Al just pushed the self-distruct button on his own. Now we are all just sitting around talking about the train wreck caused by his reckless decisions, but don’t think for a minute that anyone on this board had the power to bring down GAGE.


    check out the 11th word of related terms…..very intresting that word is survey says… COACH
    dont just believe me go look it up yourself…i guess he didnt before he used the word.
    merriam-webster thesaurus


    Definition of ADVISE

    1 to give advice to

    Synonyms adjure, admonish, counsel
    Related Words alert, caution, forewarn, warn; brief, clue (in), fill in, inform, tell, wise (up); coach, direct, guide, instruct, lead, mentor, shepherd, show, teach, tutor; direct, pilot, steer; acquaint, apprise, familiarize; convince, encourage, induce, persuade, talk (into); beg, exhort, implore, prevail (upon), urge; propose, recommend, suggest


    boys team is the only group not represented on this site why????

    • Gym Rats Mom says:

      The boys team parents tend to stay out of the drama. We are wise that way.

      • seriously says:

        Oh yes gym rat…you are much wiser than the girl’s parents. Maybe only those who have boys are wise! Or….perhaps the boys program is simply different than the girls program and perhaps the cost, time and pressures on the boys are different than those placed on the girls. Unless you have a child in the womens USAG program you really cant judge the parents positions who do. Although this has happened to the whole gym, it affects us all in different ways and on different levels.

      • Gym Rats Mom says:

        seriously – I also have a daughter who did gymnastics for awhile but she decided that team sports were more her style. I’ve watched the girls team parents at practices for over 15 years. I’ve watched girl gymnasts run all over host hotels with no supervision. I would agree with you that the parents of the girls team are different than I am. I’m very ok with that. I don’t think any of that makes my opinion or position less correct than yours.

      • seriously says:

        Gym Rats mom- I was simply pointing out that your statement that the boys team parents stay out of the drama and that you are wise that way is an offensive statement. Plenty of boys team parents are into drama. I have seen it in gymnastics on football fields, soccer fields, hockey rinks ect. ect. You suggest by your statement that you are wiser than the girls parents however, you appear to by lurking on this sight and participating in the “drama” yourself. As for the children running around unsupervised, thats not only applicable to girls and simply shows poor parenting regardless of sex. Never did I say you werent intitled to an opinion.

  6. kharma says:

    yes, i do believe that advise and coach are very similar….to advise a person to do something you would have to (i don’t know but…) coach them on the steps to take???

  7. Who's at fault says:

    “That all depends on you definition of the word is.” That is what we are dealing with right now when it comes to Al coaching/advising.

  8. GAGEemployee says:

    You guys are all being way too critical of a situation that you don’t belong in. This is ridiculous.

  9. TBG says:

    Not done coaching. This may be the one area where the courts rule is Al’s favor. Non-competes are hard to enforce especially where they unduely infringe on a persons ability to earn a living. While the “tools of the trade” arguement does not hold in respect to equipment that was pledged as collateral, that same notion is more liberally applied to a person’s ability to practice their trade. At least that has been my experience in trying to enforce non-competes outside of the gymnastics world.

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