Questions for Mr. Al Fong

Posted: October 20, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized

If you were able to submit a question to Al,  what would it be?

  1. Tootsie says:

    I would ask, Mr. Fong…why didn’t you plan out your relocation like a smart businessman? Unfortunately, I think it would be like asking Mr. Owl in the Tootsie Pop commercial…THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW!

  2. Questions says:

    I would ask the great Al Fong how he is able to keep a posotive attitude while people are constantly attacking him and his decisions?

    He was faced with a choice and he had to decide, he did what he felt he had to do. When President Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, many people questioned this decision and attacked him for it. It turns out that this decision is what helped end WWII. We will find out later that this decision will make the gym stronger.

  3. WOW says:

    Are you really comparing Al’s decision to a decision that a President made that affected millions of people in several countries?

  4. thoughts says:

    I second WOWs statement…pretty sure those affected by the bombing would just love to hear the comparison drawn between thier lives and the lives of Al’s families!

  5. cliticia says:

    I would like to ask al if he will make a video available when he goes to jail. I love the fact that this asian piece of shit is finally getting what he deserves. How long do you think it will be till he starts abusing his own child?

    • GAGEemployee says:

      Wow, you are now being rude and totally uncalled for. He’s not an “asian piece of shit”. You are also being racist. Hmmm…I think that could constitute for a lawsuit also if we wanted. Chill out. It’s not the end of the world, we are a gymnastics company. Look at reality, and calm down.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d like to see what you think once you’ve heard Al’s side of the story. This website was designed to bring GAGE down, despite what it has brought to it’s customers, it’s employees, all of which are close, and the community for so long. Jake (the landlord) is the big bad wolf here, people.

      Your offensive language and insults toward Al are completely out of line and you’re obviously uninformed.

      • JustaNote says:

        I’ve heard Al’s side of the story……’s FULL of holes. As a long time business owner I CAN say the way this was handled was totally wrong and possibly illegal. I’m betting Fong has an attorney giving him bad advise just to rake in what money is left.

    • Gym Rats Mom says:

      Wow – mature response.

  6. Who's at fault says:

    Why did you take a very large secret loan from the parents of your athletes a year ago knowing that it was not permitted without approval of your partner?

  7. Insideout says:

    Do you think being Chinese and lying are a given?

  8. mike scott says:

    If you can post something on this site, then don’t be afraid to put your name behind it. Stop putting shit up here if you are afraid to back it up. Like the saying goes, there are 3 sides to every story, Jakes side, Al’s side, and then the truth. This entire website is rediculous, none of you no the truth and none of you have the stones to put your name behind anything you say. Surely you have better things to do.

  9. lets have Dinner says:

    Where is your favorite place to have dinner? I think after all this you should go there and enjoy yourself!

  10. TBG says:


    Since banks are notoriously risk adverse and like to see significant capital investments from the owner (I think it’s safe to ussume you are broke), I’m curious what the banks think of your business plan and financial pro formas?

    Plan B. Let’s say for grins that I’m willing to be a capital partner for you since traditional financing is out of the question (just like it was out of the question a few years ago when you did the deal with Jake), tell me what kind of assurances you can give me that you understand the deal and won’t do the same thing to me when it suits you?

    Please, someone paint a scenario in which he can pull this off, because in spite of my business background, I just can’t figure out how he can make it happen. The guy gives a new meaning to toxic assets and no one with money will go near him. A loyal following is no help unless they want to pony up how much, $20k each? I’m guessing at that number but consider it a gift not a loan.

  11. alfongsucks says:

    did Al try to get a loan from Julissa Gomez or christy henrich’s parents? Wonder what their side of the story is. Lets face it, it is only a matter of time till Al is back coaching and ruining more lives. Hopefully he will destory his daughter before he destroys any other parents daughters.

  12. Kathy Otero says:

    Why do you wear those gloves? Also, how many gymnasts do you have to mentally destroy before parents stop taking their children to your gym? Just ask Courtney McCool or Sarah Shire for the real TRUTH about GAGE.

  13. hmmm says:


    I find it disturbing that you would put Courtney and Sarah in the same breath as a “mentally destroyed” gymnast comment. Do you know Sarah or Courtney? Neither fit the description of mentally destroyed. They could share their “experience” with the public, but don’t need to. More importantly, they’ve shown the world with their actions over the years AMAZING strength, preserverance, confidence, upstanding character and quality gymnastics. Actions speak louder than words…The Shire’s are wonderful, smart and precious, they made their decisions together as a family and stand by them. Sarah lead the mizzou gymnastics team for last several years along with her other former gage team-mates and are successful ladies in and out of the gym. I’m intrested in supporting the gymnasts….Don’t drag amazing ladies through the mud!

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