Vacant GAGE Building

Posted: October 20, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized

What should go in the vacant GAGE building?  What do you want to see come to Blue Springs?

  1. resident says:

    Paint ball! I’m going to miss GAGE I love that place, can’t wait to find out where their new location is!

  2. In The Zone says:

    Anything that has to do with entertaining kids will make a ton of money.

    • TBG says:

      Sorry In The Zone,

      Apparently not “anything to do with entertaining kids will make tons of money,” at least if Al Fong is running it. I can’t imagine a more incompetent businessman. Once he ran it into the ground he could have at least filed for Chapter 11 to reorganize, that way at least the creditors could have put someone else in charge, renegotiated the lease and kept the staff, coaches and athletes at least partially intact. The creditors and landlord would not have liked that either but EVERYONE would have been better off, by that I mean the kids, coaches, parents, staff, creditors and Al’s reputation.

      • kharma says:

        hello there is a grown up business tranaction… i agree why shut down in the middle of the night like some mob family needing to be on the run?

      • Rainydydayfun says:

        He shut down abruptly because the landlord was attempting to take all of the equipment, which would have made it impossible for Al and the Employees to continue training the athletes.

        Not everyone can keep a business afloat these days without making a few sacrifices. He’s made a big one, but it was a big business, too, so the risks were bigger anyway.

  3. Concerned Grandma says:

    As a grandparent of 6 kids I would really like the GAGE CENTER to have the chance to relocate to there old building on Jefferson! I think it’s disgusting that the rent was so high they felt compelled to move if the landlord would have consider lowing his price this would not become Issue they would still be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grandma

  4. GAGEemployee says:

    Thank you concerned grandma. we really appreciate your support!!

    (unlike everyone else on this blog)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever stopped to consider this is his life. when he made those mistake back when he went bankrupt it was because he was protecting his house. he spends more time in the gym than in his house. Back then the only family around here he had was in the gym and he did whatever he thought necessary to save it. Now he has a baby girl on top of his in the gym family and he is doing the same thing anyone would do. He is trying his best to get himself out of this. He is trying to straighten things out becuase he has a different view point now.

    What about the athletes that are involved? These girls dedicate their life, their whole life to the sport. They dont even attend a full day of school. The team and the coaches are a family and maybe just maybe Al did what he had to so he would not lose his team, so he wouldnt lose is family. Maybe they were behind him taking the equipment. He could have been considering their future. He knows he has a problem to fix and is trying to do the best thing for his daughter, wife, and team.

  6. Anonymous says:

    *maybe they were the reason behind his decison to take the equipment

  7. kharma says:

    Hey gage employee…sink or float if its not yours don’t take it – including items not paid off. The loan isn’t being paid what happens u get asked to pay it! U don’t pay right on your home they take it, don’t pay your car right they take it. Its NOT your property unless gifted or paid for. I believe in AL as a coach but at this point I am upset by the fact that they don’t like it when a customer(rec mom) can’t pay the whole bill ON TIME- so why would it be okay for gage to be the same? I guess its all just kharma. You mess up billing for so long its gonna catch up to the profit I would have to say. But I am mearly a parent, as if that takes my education away and intuition must mean nothing. Guys the boat took on water it was sinking, this captain called everyone to the life boat, they are not gone, they will not give up and a continuation of life as they know it may be close on the horizon- this affects more than just AL!

  8. Who's at fault says:

    To skip out on debt.

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