What do you look for in a gymnastics coach?

Posted: October 20, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized


  1. Anonymous says:

    Obviously you have to look for someone competent – fees for competitive programs are big, but as long as you know you are getting value for your money then its worth it. And secondly, you want a coach that can teach good values too – how to be a kind winner and how to gracefully take second place or less. And because in the competitive area we are talking about kids of a sensitive age, you need coaches that treat them as people – respect them and help them through life’s ups and downs. At Eagles Gym Centre we get all of that – the coaches are top-quality, our girls are very very prepared for meets and do really well, but they are nice and funny and kind. PS about the money – at Eagles you can see exactly where every dollar goes – at GAGE sometimes you didn’t know what you were paying for!

  2. GAGEemployee says:

    Yes, misfortune. Exactly what she said. look it up. We are in a time of trouble and people are just shoving us down more, or trying to by a silly website. I can’t believe someone would do this. I personally think it’s Jake Tonsfeldt. He obviously needs to grow up, or whoever did this. It’s ridiculous. It’s sick, and you are not hurting us, but you are making us stronger by overcoming another obstacle of bad publicity that you think you are making. We are not this bad. That’s what everyone has made us out to be. At least Al Fong said something to the cameras and didn’t hide like Jake did.

  3. GAGEemployee says:

    And, I work the front desk at GAGE. I know and explain to people all the time what you are paying for. And, they always understand, so I know that accusation is a straight lie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Put a calculator to the number of people who came to talk to you at the front desk how much did they pay each month? Rough numbers say that the rent was not the ONLY problem. Management of the money was the biggest problem. The answer was always to raise rates. that doesn’t work anymore for most of the programs.

      So blame it on the landlord.
      The landlord owns a building that isn’t worth as much as the loan. Not just because of economic times. Now few yrs. Ago mr Fong built the gym. When it was done. It was state of the art and too expensive. And that’s what the banks said. And they said Mr fong and that location was a risk.
      Mr fong’s dream went poof. But was bailed out at his own request by mr tongsfeldt. Now he wants to run. Take all of the business collateral with him, and call it fair

      • thoughts says:

        Dear GAGEemployee..the only thing we were ever told at the front desk was oh your team you have to talk to Karla! Also, no one ever knew where the assesments fee went!! No one could ever answer that.

  4. Wondering! says:

    Thetrooth needs to learn to spell..honestly why should we go by what your posts says if you cannot even spell truth correctly..just saying!

    • wishuwell says:

      Ahh– the English Language can be tricky, but I’m sure glad someone else said it too. Geez, the grammar and spelling–especially in emails from head coaches. It encourages all of us to keep our kids in school and not drink the kool-aid that head coaches like to serve!!! Use spell check! The computer will fix most of it for you! Was “truth” taken I’m hoping or we really thought trooth was right? Find a gym that builds the whole gymnast up–including their education!

  5. taxidriver says:

    Personally I don’t care who put up this page. If it was to advertise, well good for them to have idea. It takes a little innovation some times to bring in new business. It did start out like an an Extreme Ad though. So what ! I thank them for giving us this oportunity to express our opinions….good or bad.

  6. wishuwell says:

    Coaches that treat them as people? What’s that look like? Don’t go to Extreme then. Not only are they coach poor, but immature coaches at that. Good luck. We are searching too.

  7. TBG says:

    We look for coaches that our daughter responds well to. Just as importantly, we look at the character of the other athletes and parents.

    What we don’t place as much emphasis on is how the team placed at the last meet.

  8. kharma says:

    GAGE EMPLOYEE PERSON….hello how is this jake making the spectale and giving bad publicity IF HE WONT TALK TO THE CAMERA OR REPORTERS or whatever…..NOW the BAD PUBLICITY….TOTALLY YOUR FEARLESS LEADERS FAULT_ Al called in the media obviously!

  9. Who's at fault says:

    And keeps calling them. LOL.

  10. gladwegotout says:

    My daughter was on the team when Fong built the new building and shortly thereafter he came to the parents and asked everyone to invest $5000 into the gymnastics club to help him keep the building because he was in over his head; he had already put up his home and his mothers home for collateral. When that didn’t work because nobody could really afford the extra due to the large monthly payments we were already making plus the “assessment fees”, trip fees, coaches trip fees, and competition leotards and warmups, he turned to the only person who would help him out…the new landlord. I guess that didn’t work out either. My daughter has since moved onto another location and couldn’t be happier, no more 30 hours of practice a week, no more missing school, no more being made to believe you aren’t good enough…which is ironic beings the fact that she will be headed to Karolyi camp next month. Guess she didn’t need Fong for that after all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What gym is she at?

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