Status of GAGE-GATE Equipment

Posted: October 22, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized


Dear Gage,

Since you would have first hand knowledge, maybe you could dispell the rumor that the creditors have picked up their equipment.

  1. karma says:

    So this is confirmed??

  2. GAGEemployee says:


  3. Rainydayfun says:

    The creditors have not taken the equipment, which are Al’s tools of the trade and his livelihood. Al took the equipment because it was purchased by Dragon Gymnastics, which is owned by Al alone, not by the landlord. The landlord was attempting to take everything, whether it belonged to him or not.
    Al is speaking with his attorney who is in contact with the landlord’s attorney and he is prepared to give anything back that is deemed property of the landlord AFTER the attorney has agreed what that is.

    • answers says:

      Am I to understand that the equipment was NOT used as collateral?

      • Gym Rats Mom says:

        Why do you care if the equipment was used as collatoral? Unless you co-signed the loan, I can’t see why that would matter to you.

      • Upset Mommy says:

        Yes it was used as collateral and it you go to you can clearly see that there is an UCC filing on the equipment, this is public knowledge and people really need to do there research. Parents and employees think there problems will be fixed with a week or two, im afraid that will not be the case. I believe this is going to be it for Mr. Fong and his gyms

    • Upset Mommy says:

      It doesnt matter if it was purchased under Dragon Gymnastics, since he used it for collateral on the new building the bank will find the equipment and sell it to pay down the note. Do you research! You can go to SOS website to see that gymnastic equipment does have a UCC filing on it.

  4. answers says:

    I just found this web site and was looking to clarify what was being said.

    • Gym Rats Mom says:

      I guess I just don’t get the fasination that some people have with the details of other people’s problems.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What goes round comes round but never fast enough

  6. news 10.23.10 says:

    A lawsuit filed Friday seeks to obtain equipment recently removed from a Blue Springs gymnastics training facility, the plaintiff said.

  7. kcinfo says:

    Have you seen the article posted today on Kansas City .com?

    It says a lawsuit was filed Friday to obtain the gage equipment.

  8. robert says:

    How does this affect anyof you. Let’s think about the kids who has had their lives turned upside down. Some of the kids put in 20 plus hours a week working on skills that they want to compete. Now they are trying to figure out what to do. My kid is confused and doesn’t care about Al or Jake they are not on the floor with her its about what she has perfected. Let’s just let things work itself out.
    And ps the lady who was taking pictures today if I find out my minor child is in any of them I will call the police

    • gymnparentsareentertaining says:

      “How does this affect anyof you. Let’s think about the kids who has had their lives turned upside down.”

      I hope you are not helping your child with his/her homework.

  9. TBG says:


    It doesn’t affect me, but it might you if you have a child at GAGE and you continue to put your head in the sand. People are trying to warn you so that your child doesn’t miss too much before they return to the sport. So maybe we are thinking of the kids!?!

    • stanley says:

      if it doesn’t affect you in any way why spread stuff around the internet when you can sit behind your computer and not do anything? they aren’t going to ruin the sport, al is doing the best he can. why can’t people just leave gage alone and let them be? let al and jake deal with all this stuff themselves because guess what, it only involves them!! if jake who owns most of gage, is for the kids then they would have equipment and a place to practice. cheerleaders have a compition in 2 weeks, boys team has a meet in 4 weeks and the team girls have a meet at the beginning of december. why put the children out and have them be all upset because they can’t practice? i know of some little and older girls who are truly upset that they can’t practice and all their parents can tell them is that the owner of gage (jake) decided that he wanted to be mean to them and not put them 1st. because thats all you see/hear jake is for the kids, its all about the kids. well if hes all about the kids then why can’t they practice!

      • Who's at fault says:

        Because Al, the minority owner, took the equipment and told everyone that practices were canceled until further notice. Did you not watch the news when Al gave one of his many interviews?

      • seriously says:

        Well stanley of course people dont leave gage alone. Its on the news, Al asked for help from the community and he gives interviews to the press. That is inviting people in, that is set up to attract attention. So here it is… attention! You do invite the bad with the good when you do that. Add to that, in the gymnastics world Al is a well known and perhaps infamous coach and I think you can count on people not leaving it alone. Gyms from all over the US have been calling to find out whats going on. I am also curious why when Al says he did it for his daughter his supporters believe him and they dont believe that the other party losing so much money would affect his family and his livelyhood. Interesting that you tell your child Jake was being mean to them…I really doubt that was his motive. However I have seen Al be mean (understatement of the century) to children.

      • gymparent says:

        Because they don’t have the equipment!!! That’s why they can’t practice! Because THEIR coach took that away from them without having a new building to put it so they can practice.
        So they have it in barns in Blue Springs and one other place, which if i’m not mistaking, now have a big piece of paper on those doors with some kind of restraining order on them! Not sure if that is the right terminology but you get the point.

  10. Well? says:

    Well? What happened in the court hearing? Did anyone attend? Judgment?

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