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Posted: October 25, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized
Concerned Bumped up from Another Option for Parents.

The accounts that Jake froze were not the accounts where the payroll had come from since 2007 and that he had control of. Those accounts had been drained of funds and the income of Gage that was needed to pay the bills was diverted away from them by Al and his staff. The accounts that he froze were the new accounts that were unlawfully set up at Metcalf Bank. Since these accounts were set up by Al as the sole signer Jake was unable to veiw them even though he was 51% owner of Gage. His only option at that point was to have the accounts frozen so the money would stay in place until the funds that may be in them could be properly used for Gage expenses.
The pay checks were written by Gage staff when they fully knew that the funds were not available to pay them. Jakes accountant had pulled his signature stamp from the Gage office on October 13, so it is unclear how his signature is on checks that were written after that time.
The simple answer to all this is that if Al and his staff had left everything as it was this problem would not exist.

  1. ABC says:

    This just shows Al was planning a way out of his situation…this was Pre-Meditated. He wanted out and put the blame on his business partner so he could be “The Victim” or “The Nice Guy” of the situation. Well Al Fong is neigher…he is the scandalous instigator of problems.

    Give the staff bad checks and blame it on someone else; this is cold.

  2. Who's at fault says:

    Wonder what the loyals have to say about this recent revelation?

  3. LoyalGAGER says:

    I have kept my mouth shut on here, but I have a bit to say. Us “loyals” are going to stay loyal. We have faith in Al because while the rest of the world has an ugly picture of him, there’s so much more to that man. I was once that person who thought he was awful, but I’ve come to see that below his exterior, is a warm heart that really cares for his gymnasts, his staff, and his family. Most of us “loyals” read this, and yet, our opinions haven’t changed. I think this site is really rude. While Al may not be perfect, he is not going out and slandering anyone, nor has he ever. He wants to train his girls and now raise his family, that’s it. Please have a little respect for the other people involved in the situation and stop these posts.

    • Iseerightthrough says:

      He may have a warm heart (for his elite gymnast, staff, and family), however he doesn’t have much respect for other individuals out here. Hitler probably had a warm heart for his staff and family. Not that I am directly comparing Al to Hitler, but the comparision speaks for itself. He got himself in this situation and I’m confident he will get himself out. He needs to stop blaming others and take responsibility for his actions. It’s his debt and he should not have run out.

    • Who's at fault says:

      Your loyalty is admirable. In regards to the opening of secret bank accounts and posting checks without funds available… you have no comment, I see.

  4. get a clue says:

    i have seen alot of crazy people in my life but never anything as crazy as you parents at gage! This man has lost it all and its only a matter of time before it all caves in on all of you nutty turds that continue to hold his hand and and store the stolen equipment…wake up people!!! use some commen sense, i’m more than sure your parents raised you better than this. Is this really how you want your children raised, thinking it’s ok to just run out when the going gets tough? Thats why americas divorce rate is so high, cuz when the going got tough one or the other split! Al has no business sense at all and you parents want to just sit there and wait for the next gym? Well i have some bad news for you—-keep waiting and we’ll see how well your child does at state, oh wait, if your not an elite you wont be coached!!! Nice job Al, you just flushed all those little girls dreams down the drain….. what a ass……………….

    • Ann says:

      “Well i have some bad news for you—-keep waiting and we’ll see how well your child does at state.”

      Please do not bash the children! This is a mean and hateful statement to make! Do you sit in GAGE everyday and watch the girls practice? How do you know if he only coaches the elites or not (which by the way is untrue). He actively coaches levels 8+. I dont see any GAGE parent on here bashing other gyms girls or other gyms. You can have your opinion on Al, his current business issues etc, but DO NOT drag the innocent girls in this!

  5. LoyalGAGER says:

    Oh I have a comment, but I don’t see the point in continuing the hate and blame. Both sides have their story, and it is for them to work out. It’s not my place to spread information, and discussing it on blogs isn’t going to solve the problem, and it’s not going to get the staff their pay checks, close his gym, make him lose his equipment, or help him find a new building for his team.
    It’s far from just the elites he cares about. He’s not perfect, I am more than well aware of that. But I can tell you that he cares about every kid on that team, and tries to know the names of as many kids in that gym as he can. Can I say he doesn’t have a closer bond with the elites and their parents? No, because they train more together, travel together, spend hours in meetings planning things, etc. Of course he’s going to be a little closer with them. But there are 2 former gymnasts he consistently asks year after year to work his camp, and neither of them were elites.
    If you have an opinion, that’s fine. But please stop spreading gossip, because each side is going to have their opinion, and it’s not anyone’s place to get involved in it.

  6. OrderInTheCourt says:

    Preliminary injunction hearing is set for Friday at 10:30 a.m.


    • wondering says:

      Does anyone know about the preliminary hearing? Anything important happen? Any temporary orders, etc. ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Docket Entry: Hearing Scheduled
        Associated Events: 11/19/2010 , 15:30:00 – Hearing
        Docket Entry: Application Filed
        Text: pltfs’ application for continuance

        Looks like Jake filed for a continuance….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what kind of injunctive relief they are requesting?

    Amazing how upbeat the Gage facebook page is. You wouldn’t think there is a problem in the world.

    Good business move. Try to get the rec gym/cheer program up and going first. Both of these are high profit margin product lines with minimal capital costs. What are we talking mirrors, cheese mats, floor? Not that mirrors and floors are cheap but the revenues that these items bring in are significant.

    Now when you start talking about pit bars, trench bars, tumble tracks, balance beams, etc. vs. team fees we are talking about a totally different investment.

    Recreation programs are the profit centers. A strong team program is the loss leader at many gyms that brings in the rec kids.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m starting to wonder, if some of these things that Jake is saying are true, is there some sort criminal behavior here as well?

    Those sort of indictments are slow to unfold, but I have to wonder if the authorities are looking into it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, lets charge a bunch of 10 year old girls with theft?

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