What will happen on November 1st??

Posted: October 28, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized

GAGE has announced they are opening their new location on 40 HWY on November 1st. 

Will there be equipment?

Will there be gymnasts?

Will there be coaches?

  1. Legal Aid says:

    Al and Jake go to court tomorrow, Friday, to find out WHO GETS THE EQUIPMENT? Probably doesn’t help GAGE that Al violated the RESTRAINING ORDER on the equipment and removed it. No one stops Al Fong when he wants what he wants…hopefully the courts can.

  2. question says:

    So, what is happening on November 1st?

    • same location says:

      Basically, they are just practicing at the new location that parents opened for cheer, rec, preschool and so on. Apparently, Al wanted a separate gym for the team kids (the Lee’s Summit location), but that fell through, so practicing at the 40 hwy location is his 2nd choice.

      The web site says Grand Opening…but really it’s just a last minute way to get by until he can figure out a new plan. Doesn’t sound very co-hesive. We are moving on. See ya!

  3. curious says:

    What DID happen on November 1st?

    • Rec Mom says:

      I take my daughter to GAGE for rec classes. The new location is open, definitely a big change. Very, very small. I hope this is only a temporary location or we may move on.

      There is some equipment and the classes are not as full as they used to be.

  4. another post says:

    A post on “what’s the next move” says that the team is slowly moving on to other gyms….What does that mean? Is the team dissolving? Are people just leaving on their own? Is a team gym still not available? Did anything, “TEAM-WISE” happen on November 1st?

    • Anonymous says:

      The team is not dissolving… the anonymous poster from the other thread was incorrect! Rec Mom is correct when she says that the team is working out at Dave’s until they find another location. I would really like to know where some of these people get the stories lol… it is quite comical to hear!

    • truth says:

      None of the team girls are leaving to other gyms. Not one has and not one plans to. In fact, they’ve actually had additions.

  5. Rec Mom says:

    No team girls. I heard they are temporarily at Dave’s Gymnastics. I don’t think the team girls would fit in the new gym; it is pretty small.

    • another post says:

      ok. Well that helps me. I am, obviously, not at gage. But have had an interest in switching gyms. I won’t switch my daughter this year as we are too close to the season. But, now, I’m not sure about the Gage Team’s future. Is there a “team parent” out there that can tell me if the gage team is functioning well and does have a future?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The GAGE team is still functioning and definitely has a future…

  7. Who's at fault says:

    Way to be specific.

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