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What will happen on November 1st??

Posted: October 28, 2010 by thetrooth in Uncategorized

GAGE has announced they are opening their new location on 40 HWY on November 1st. 

Will there be equipment?

Will there be gymnasts?

Will there be coaches?


Concerned adds Input

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Concerned Bumped up from Another Option for Parents.

The accounts that Jake froze were not the accounts where the payroll had come from since 2007 and that he had control of. Those accounts had been drained of funds and the income of Gage that was needed to pay the bills was diverted away from them by Al and his staff. The accounts that he froze were the new accounts that were unlawfully set up at Metcalf Bank. Since these accounts were set up by Al as the sole signer Jake was unable to veiw them even though he was 51% owner of Gage. His only option at that point was to have the accounts frozen so the money would stay in place until the funds that may be in them could be properly used for Gage expenses.
The pay checks were written by Gage staff when they fully knew that the funds were not available to pay them. Jakes accountant had pulled his signature stamp from the Gage office on October 13, so it is unclear how his signature is on checks that were written after that time.
The simple answer to all this is that if Al and his staff had left everything as it was this problem would not exist.

Equipment Update

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Another Option for Parents

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Nurse Ann
Bump up from Nurse Ann

I am a long-time acquaintance of Jake Tonsfeldt and ran into him at a function last night and when I mentioned the GAGE gym situation that I had been hearing about in the media and he explained some things to me that I am sure the public does not know. In the first place, the rent that Al Fong says is too high was based on what Jake had to borrow to pay off all Al’s outstanding bills and a bank note which he was ready to be foreclosed on in 2007. Jake agreed to put up large sums of his own money and to sign for a bank loan that would take care of Al’s problems. The rent rate was set to allow the payments to be made on the new bank loan and to pay Jake back over the 10 years of the lease he is now walking out of. Yea, the lease rate may have be higher than the market rate but the reason for this is this was Al’s agreement within the lease to pay these monies back. Jake is still hung out with these banks for the total amount they borrowed and now Al thinks just because the market rates dropped he doesn’t have to pay. Al has really skipped out on his obligations here and left Jake holding the bag. Jake Tonsfeldt owns several properties around town and leases one to a major hospital that I work for and they are very happy with him. To see him made out to be a mean, vindictive landlord makes my blood boil.

Jake said at best, he had a one week notice that there was a problem. He tried to talk to Al and Al refused to talk to him. Jake finally got a copy of a letter that went to his lender demanding that the lender force Jake to lower the rent to an amount that would make his loan to the bank outside the FDIC guidelines for a performing loan. And then he wanted Jake to release all the collateral on the agreements that saved him in 2007. The next thing Jake knew was that the equipment was being removed from the building. The parents that helped remove the equipment from the gyms last weekend do not know the whole story and that equipment was used under a security agreement with UCC1 filings and now belongs to the bank. That includes the specialized floors and everything. You folks should bring this back or it will just be pulled out of the new gym when it shows up there.

I attended your big meet last year with Jake and some friends and Jake was so proud to part of this program and we all saw how much the athletes enjoyed what they were doing. Jake is really upset about the grief this has caused the students and parents who really know nothing of the business dealings. He understands their loyalties to Al Fong but they need to know the other side of the story. Jake’s attorneys have advised him to let everything work out in the courts. But as we know the courts are so slow and I think the students and parents need to hear his side of the story now. He thought it would be wonderful for a parents group to be the operator of the gym and said he would gladly let them use the equipment. The rent for such a group would be lower than current rent because they would not be paying back Al’s debt. Parents is that possible?

Gymnastics Comedy

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Sometimes we need to stop and have a little comedy.

Suggestions for GAGE

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What can GAGE do differently to prevent another “RELOCATION?” 

Share your thoughts.

Status of GAGE-GATE Equipment

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Dear Gage,

Since you would have first hand knowledge, maybe you could dispell the rumor that the creditors have picked up their equipment.